5 Ways to Reach Your Goals

3 min readFeb 8, 2021


A goal is an idea of the desired result that a person wants to achieve. Setting goals can give you a sense of clarity and boost your self-confidence. Knowing what you aspire to accomplish or become can help you perform with higher levels of accuracy. Today I will share 5 techniques I use to help me reach my goals.

1. Create a plan of attack

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Create time to sit down and think about your goals. Write down the details and the timeline. Know when, where, how, and why you want to accomplish your goals.

2. Have an accountability partner

Once you have a goal and a plan, find someone who will hold you accountable. This can be a friend, family member, coworker, or mentor. Accountability partners keep you motivated and on track when self-doubt and fear start to pop up.

3. Document your process and your progress

Keeping track of what you are doing not only allows you to help others, it also allows you to show yourself that you are doing something worthwhile. When you document your process, you get a frequent reminder of where you started versus where you are now. Documentation can serve as not only a reminder but also as motivation to continue on your journey.

4. Divide larger goal into smaller, more achievable goals

Feeling like your goal is too big? Break it down into smaller sections and timeframes. Maybe paying off $60k in debt is an overwhelming thought. Instead, focus on paying off a portion of the debt in a smaller amount of time. Making your goals more achievable increases your chances of success.

5. Celebrate small achievements

We tend to focus on our failures and dwell on how we can do things better next time. If you want to reach your larger goals in life, learn from the losses, but celebrate even the smallest wins. There is power in celebration. You can be reminded of your motivation and your gratefulness just by creating an opportunity to celebrate.

Every person who has ever lived on Earth has had a goal of some kind. Some goals are realized and others remain life-long wishes. The motivation to reach a goal has to come from within. No one else can make you want to do something, they can only assist in uncovering the motivation and desire you have inside you. If you have any other tips for reaching goals that were not mentioned above, please let me know what they are.

Johnnie Winters IV
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